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Wood Burning Stoves Tansor

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Wood burning stoves provide excellent alternatives to home heating for smaller homes, and they can provide an efficient source of supplemental heating for larger homes. The wide variety of companies in our extensive database can be counted on to provide superior products and expert installation services. By simply completing our form you can receive 4 free quotes from licensed and insured wood burning stoves Tansor companies in your area.

A Variety of Cost Options

Tansor wood burning stove costs can differ greatly depending on a number of variables. The size of the wood burning stove is a major contributing factor to the cost. The specific design of the stove will affect the cost as well. Some wood burning stoves can be very inexpensive, particularly those that are smaller and have a simpler design. They can be an excellent source of low-cost heating at a highly affordable price. Other wood burning stoves that are larger and made of more costly materials which are meant to enhance the décor of a room can be much more expensive. Wood burning stove costs are largely controlled by the customers and depend on the quality of stoves they choose to install.

Traditional or Contemporary Stoves?

Depending on the styles of their homes, customers may choose from a variety of traditional or contemporary wood burning stoves. Traditional cast iron stoves bring a more rustic feel to a home and can use an already existing chimney. The smell of wood burning can be comforting and soothing, particularly on a rainy day or an icy cold night. There is a wide range of contemporary chimneys from which to choose from that will compliment almost any home’s interior design. Wood burning stoves which feature clean, minimalist designs are popular among customers who live in more contemporary homes. Some of the stoves can be built right into the wall behind a clear, glass cover.

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Clean Source of Heating

The Tansor wood burning stove companies in our network are able to perform complete installation services to provide a source of clean, efficient heating for almost any home. The professional installers can handle virtually any fireplace alterations, chimney lining, hearth laying and twin wall flue systems. The stove installations are guaranteed to be safe and approved for smoke controlled areas. The end result is a crackling fire creating a cozy atmosphere in any home. Wood burning stoves are also carbon neutral which means that the amount of carbon dioxide emitted when wood is burned is the same amount that would be emitted if the wood were left to rot naturally.

Energy Efficiency

Wood burning stoves have been shown to keep rooms at consistent warm, comfortable temperatures that oil and gas stoves are usually not able to maintain. Today’s wood burning stoves are about 60% more efficient than open grate fireplaces that also burn wood. The latest technology in wood burning stoves provides for a cleaner burn. The newer stoves also have minimal smoke emissions, produce low volumes of ash and stop draughts and heat loss through the existing chimneys.

Cost Effectiveness

Properly installed and maintained wood burning stoves will save on energy costs almost immediately. Customers will notice significantly lower heating bills after installing a wood burning stove. The stoves are inexpensive to operate and require very low maintenance. They also tend to help homeowners achieve better energy ratings on their homes which is helpful when placing a home on the market to sell. Also, Tansor wood burning stoves are excellent sources of back up energy, especially in areas with harsh winters and occasional power outages.

Your Tansor wood burning stove questions answered

What are the benefits of wood burning stoves?

Wood burning stoves were at one time a major heating source in homes, and are still a favourite among many homeowners. These stoves can be more cost-efficient than other heating methods and are often used as a supplemental heat source.

Where can wood burning stoves be installed?

These types of stoves can be installed virtually anywhere, as long as there is a place to put ventilation to remove the smoke from the space.

Is smoke a problem with wood burning stoves?

Smoke is no more a problem with wood burning stoves than it is with wood fireplaces. A properly vented stove will take all of the smoke away from the living area and releases it outside the home.

Can they burn any kind of wood?

Wood burning stoves can burn any type of wood or wood scrap. Some woods such as cedar have a very pungent odour when burned, though, and should be avoided, especially if there is anyone in the home who has breathing difficulties.

Should wood burning stoves be cleaned at the same time my Tansor chimney is swept?

Yes, you should have your wood burning stove cleaned prior to the start of the season to eliminate creosote on the inside that could increase your risk of fire.

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