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swimming pool installation Tansor

Swimming Pool Installation Tansor

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There’s no better way to cool off during the summer months than in your very own swimming pool. You may be thinking that you can’t afford Tansor swimming pool installation, but it’s actually more affordable than you think. Let us find contractors who will fit your needs and budget by filling out the form you see below.

In-ground vs. Above-ground Pools

One of the first questions you’ll have to answer about swimming pool installation Tansor is whether you would like an in-ground or above-ground pool. Swimming pool construction for an in-ground pool requires an area to be dug out first, while an above-ground pool is pre-fabricated and sits on top of the ground. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages of each which must be carefully considered in order to choose the right one.

Some advantages of an in-ground pool include

  • More attractive than above-ground pools and can increase property values
  • Often deeper than above-ground pools, which means that diving can be enjoyed
  • More options are available when it comes to choosing the size and shape of them

Some disadvantages of in-ground pools

  • Swimming pool construction can be more expensive since digging is required
  • May not be suitable for placement in some soil types

A few advantages of above-ground pools

  1. They can be placed in locations where digging is not possible
  2. Many can be disassembled and moved elsewhere
  3. Less expensive than in-ground pools
  4. Some can have access restricted to them when they are not in use, which can help prevent accidents from occurring

The disadvantages of above-ground pools

  1. Limited choices when it comes to design and size
  2. Usually do not increase property values
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Tansor Swimming Pool Installation: Indoor vs. Outdoor Pools

While swimming pool construction normally takes place outdoors, some are better suited for placement indoors. This could be the case in gyms, hotels, or athletic facilities. Indoor pools require a great deal of planning since the proper ventilation needs to be added in order to prevent moisture from building up inside walls. The structure must also be heated properly during the winter; otherwise, the water could freeze and cause the liner to crack. In-ground pools are typically placed indoors since maneuvering the components of an above-ground pool would be difficult to do in a limited amount of space.

Chlorine vs. Salt Water System

Another important consideration when planning swimming pool construction is the type of system the pool uses. Chlorine systems require the use of several different chemicals while salt water systems only require salt to be added. Salt water systems are more expensive initially but can easily pay for themselves because salt costs less than traditional pool chemicals. Even so, the salt used in these systems can corrode interior parts of a pool’s motor over time. Both systems result in chlorine in pool water. Salt water systems turn this product into chlorine, while traditional ones require users to add chlorine directly.

Swimming Pool Installation Tansor - Safety

It’s a good idea to think about safety when considering swimming pool installations. If possible, the pool should be enclosed with a fence so access to it can be controlled. Pool owners may also want to keep safety equipment such as life jackets or inner tubes handy for use by visitors who are not strong swimmers. If possible, everyone in the family should take swimming and/or lifeguard rescue courses before completing Tansor swimming pool installation.

Tansor Swimming Pool Installation Costs

Pool installation costs vary based on the size, type of filtering system and whether it is an above-ground or in-ground pool. When building an in-ground pool, the cost can be increased substantially if the ground does not have the proper drainage or if a large number of trees need to be removed first. Swimming pool construction indoors can be more expensive if the wiring and plumbing inside the structure needs to be upgraded in order to accommodate it.

Your Tansor swimming pool installation questions answered

What are the advantages of an above-ground pool?

Above-ground pools require less overall maintenance, and can be taken down when not in use. Above-ground pools require fewer chemicals, less water, and tend to be more cost effective than in-ground pools.

What are the advantages of in-ground pools?

In-ground pools can have a shallow and deep end, slides, diving boards, and other features unavailable for above-ground pools. In-ground pools are a great option for serious swimming enthusiasts.

What are the disadvantages of installing an above-ground pool?

Above-ground pools are often viewed as an eye-sore. They are also limited in their size, and will kill whatever grass they are placed on. They also do not last very long, making them a poor investment if you're looking for a permanent fixture.

What are the disadvantages of installing an in-ground pool?

There are multiple types of in-ground pools. Vinyl lined pools are susceptible to damage from sharp objects and the lining has to be replaced every decade or so anyway. Concrete pools require a heavy refinishing ever 8-10 years.

What type of soil is ideal for digging an in-ground swimming pool in?

In-ground swimming pools can be placed in a variety of soils, provided they are non-expansive or minimally expansive. If you do have an expansive soil such as clay, additional drainage and reinforcements may be needed.

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