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suspended ceilings Tansor

Suspended Ceilings Tansor

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Although more common in commercial enterprises, suspended ceilings may also be installed in residential dwellings. Whether for an office, conference room, school, hospital or private home, Suspended ceilings Tansor can offer ceilings that provide excellent acoustics and appropriate lighting depending on the needs of the customers. Competitive quotes for ceiling installation services are available free of charge with the completion of one quick and easy online form.

Cost and Safety Benefits

Suspended ceilings Tansor offers a large variety of ceiling options with many benefits. Special light reflecting ceilings can reduce the need for artificial lighting, help save on power bills and decrease strain on employees' eyes due to harsh lighting. Other ceilings offer thermal insulation which retains heat, thus lowering heating costs. Moisture resistant tiles are available that are useful in bathrooms or other areas where moisture may present a problem. Fire resistance is another benefit offered by Tansor suspended ceiling products. The ceilings may provide an extra barrier during a fire to give people more time to escape. Our skilled workmen are proficient in the installation of all types of ceilings.

Health Benefits

All ceilings that are installed have certain features that contribute to a healthier environment. The ceilings are easy to keep clean and well maintained which is important in buildings like warehouses and hospitals, and they are resistant to humidity and high temperatures making them work well in kitchens, both commercial and residential. The ceilings are durable, requiring minimal maintenance, along with having anti-bacterial qualities that provide a safer environment.

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Acoustic Ceilings

There are numerous kinds of ceilings that can be installed. One popular type is the acoustic ceiling. Special acoustic tiles can reduce the level of noise in a room by absorbing the sound. In an office environment, the noise level can make all the difference in the employees' ability to concentrate and focus on their work and ultimately, improve productivity. These ceilings can be made more attractive through the use of assorted accessories, special light fittings and decorations.

MF Ceilings

The most common Tansor suspended ceilings installed are MF ceilings which provide clean, simple and aesthetically appealing ceilings for reception areas and board rooms in offices and corporations across the country. Plasterboard is affixed to the steel framework that is suspended from the main structure of the building to form a smooth, flat surface ready to be decorated to match the design of the rest of the room.

Exposed Grid Ceilings

Tansor suspended ceilings frequently consist of lightweight exposed grid ceilings. The simple design is easily installed through the suspension of an interconnecting grid from a building's soffit. Tiles can then be placed into the exposed grid allowing for easy access into the ceiling for light fixtures and cables. The exposed grid version offers a more contemporary look ideal for trendy restaurants and retail spaces.

Ceiling Extras

A wide variety of tiles are available in the ceiling products offered. The ceiling tiles can come in different colours and patterns, and may include creative grids. The ceilings can incorporate extensive cornice details, intricate lighting rosettes and other embellishments. It is possible to change the entire feel of a home, an office space, a warehouse or other commercial building by replacing the suspended ceiling.

Skilled Installers

The installation of Tansor suspended ceilings requires a high level of skill. The installers work in a quick and efficient manner while maintaining a high quality of workmanship. Safety is a priority along with ensuring high quality of the materials used in the installation, all while staying within the limits of the customer's budget. The end result is a beautiful suspended ceiling that meets the customer's specifications and at a reasonable price.

Your Tansor suspended ceiling questions answered

Where can suspended ceilings be placed?

Suspended ceilings can be placed in almost any area of your office, home or garage.

What are the advantages?

They can reduce the height of very large ceilings, and can also be used to cover unsightly fixtures such as pipes and cabling that would otherwise be on show.

Are there any disadvantages to installing suspended ceilings?

The primary disadvantage to the use of suspended ceilings is the reduction of room space. A lowered ceiling makes the room appear smaller and can limit overall storage space as well. They are also not as sturdy as traditional ceilings.

Can I install my suspended ceilings myself?

With a little bit of patience, you can indeed install your own suspended ceilings. It is not an easy project, but it is not one that is so complicated that it requires the services of a professional.

What type of suspended ceiling might be best for covering a popcorn ceiling?

Consider placing furring strips over top of your popcorn ceiling, which will make it easy to attach Styrofoam tiles to. This method makes it much easier to cover popcorn than a traditional suspended ceiling that uses tracks.

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