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skylights Tansor

Skylights Tansor

Brighten up your room and compare Tansor skylight costs

One way to make your home really stand out from those around it is by adding skylights Tansor now. Homeowners like yourself can also benefit by enjoying more natural light with the addition of a new skylight. There’s more to these fixtures than just an opening in a roof, so if you’ve never considered adding one before, you may want to reconsider the idea.

Advances in Tansor Skylights Design

In the past, many people didn’t consider skylights because there was a great deal of heat lost from them during the winter, while humidity would build up around them in the summer. These units were also prone to leaking during a heavy rainstorm. Over the past few years, skylight design has improved tremendously, so these factors are no longer a major concern. Many modern skylights are constructed from glass and are more airtight than before. This makes it easy to allow natural light in while providing protection from air loss and moisture buildup.

Features of Skylights

In addition to improved design, skylights also come with several enhanced features that were not previously available. A few of the choices you can consider include:

  • Tinted glass
  • Retractable covers
  • Exhaust fans
  • Light dimmers
  • Venetian blinds
  • Automatic hinged opening and closing
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Why Choose Tansor Skylights?

One of the most common reasons for adding skylights is to allow more light into areas that have no windows. A good example is many bathrooms and utility rooms. Skylights can be ideal for lots of other reasons, making them good choices for nearly any room of the home. A few reasons to consider Tansor skylight installation include:

  1. Allows for stargazing
  2. Reduces Seasonal Affective Disorder
  3. Enhances a roof design
  4. Makes a room feel more airy and open
  5. Open skylights allow good airflow, thereby reducing the need for air conditioning
  6. Do not restrict furniture placement
  7. Naturally warm a room during winter, thereby reducing heating costs
  8. Helps indoors plants grow better

Reasons to Choose Professional Installation

Professional installation is recommended when installing skylights. Residents could fall from a roof and become injured while trying to install one of these units. Aside from that, it is necessary to do some cutting into the roof so that the skylight will be seated properly. This can result in damage to the roof if not performed properly. Units that also open and shut automatically require some basic knowledge of electrical wiring in order to install them.

Tansor skylight costs

Tansor Skylight Costs

It’s not always expensive to install skylights. Contractors will consider the following when coming up with an estimate:

  • Size of the skylight
  • Material it is constructed from
  • Type of roof
  • Whether the skylight is domed or flat
  • Features included
  • Number of skylights being installed at one time

Other Considerations

In addition to price, it can be a good idea to consider a number of other things when choosing a contractor to install Tansor skylights. Some of the things to consider include:

  1. Experience of the contractor and installation crew
  2. Whether he or she is bonded and insured
  3. Types of guarantees made as to workmanship
  4. References from satisfied customers
  5. Knowledge about different types of skylights and features
  6. Availability for repairs should they be required

Whether they are placed inside a guest cottage, office, or primary residence, skylights permit natural light to come in while also allowing for a sense of privacy. This means the benefits extend beyond air and temperature control, as sunlight can also help improve one’s mood tremendously. By investing in skylights, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of them long after they are installed.

Your Tansor skylight questions answered

How much does it cost to install a skylight?

The skylight itself, depending on the size, will cost between £90-300. Installation costs, depending on a host of variables, can run an additional £300-1,800.

How long does it take to install?

A typical skylight installation will take between 3 and 4 days, depending on the local weather conditions. This is, of course, barring any complications or events that require additional construction work.

What are the benefits of installing skylights in my home?

Skylights can offer a source of natural light, which many people prefer. This can also help keep your energy costs down because you will not need to use electric lights during the day in rooms where you have the skylights installed.

Are there any disadvantages?

If they are installed poorly, skylights are vulnerable to leaks. Depending on the season and the strength of the sunlight, they can also cause the rooms that they are located in to become several degrees warmer than the surrounding rooms.

What’s the difference between a skylight and a sky tube?

A skylight is a window placed on the top of a roof, while a sky tube is a tunnel that directs light into rooms below it. A sky tube can illuminate rooms on the first floor of multiple-story buildings.

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