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roof trusses Tansor

Roof Trusses Tansor

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Roof trusses Tansor are excellent options for the framing of residential and commercial buildings during the construction process. They provide excellent alternatives to the conventional stick roof framing process and are sufficient for supporting the weight of the roof and roofing materials. All Tansor roofing trusses are designed by structural engineers and should not be removed without consulting an engineer for the safety of the residents of the house.

The professionals in our database are skilled craftsmen, pre-screened for dependability and quality of work. They are able to produce photographs of completed projects as well as references from satisfied customers. They boast the latest technology using laser projectors, computerized saws and enhanced fabricating equipment to produce top notch framing components. These advanced technologies can make roof trusses Tansor in a number of different shapes and sizes from which consumers can choose; therefore, home or business owners can find something that will suit the exterior of the structure they are building.

Tansor roof truss installation costs

Tansor Roofing Truss Costs

Overall prices are significantly lower than traditional stick roof framing costs. For builders, the use of roof trusses significantly reduces the total time it takes to erect a building and time is money. The trusses are made from 2 by 4 framing pieces which are less expensive than the longer framing pieces used to make traditional stick roof stock. Roof trusses require less technology to build; therefore, they can be installed by less experienced carpenters which helps to save money on labour costs. The final costs to consumers depend on the size of the structure they are building and the number of stories.

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Your Tansor roof truss questions answered

What are roof trusses?

Roof trusses are essentially the framework that supports a roof, and are located directly above a room's ceiling.

What sort of things can damage my roof's trusses?

Moisture damage from a leaking roof, lack of ventilation and woodworm or other insect infestations can all make repairs to your roof's trusses necessary.

Can damaged roof trusses be repaired?

In general, damaged roof trusses will need to be replaced, rather than repaired. Repairs are a stop-gap measure which can create more problems in the long run, including but not limited to collapse.

Should I have my roof trusses inspected?

During your annual pest control inspection, your pest control professional should enter the loft and examine your roof trusses for signs of wood worm or termite damage. This can prevent a small problem from becoming a large one.

What are some advantages to using prefabricated roof trusses?

Prefabricated trusses are very economical, while still being just as solid as those built on site. They may actually be more solid, since they have not been exposed to the elements during construction.

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