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Further your security with Tansor metal door costs

One of the best ways to keep your home or place of business as safe and secure as possible is by installing metal doors Tansor. Security became a bigger issue than ever following the riots of several years ago and a Tansor metal door installation is one of the most cost effective ways to protect your personal belongings or the contents of your office or commercial establishment.

The Tansor metal door companies in our extensive network can supply virtually any secure door for a residence or business. With a wide variety from which to choose, customers can find the ideal metal door to provide the security they need at a cost they can afford. The doors are excellent for fire escapes, secure rooms, industrial security doors, entrances to retail establishments or residential front doors. A representative from one of the companies in our network can even help you with special doors that are customised to meet your unique needs.

Tansor metal door costs

Tansor Metal Door Costs

Prices can vary based on the level of security the customer needs. The thicker and heavier the metal door, the higher the cost in most cases. Metal doors can even be bullet proof, they can be used for panic rooms and they can be designed to thwart just about any burglar or intruder. The number of doors a customer needs will also impact the cost, although there may be a discount on the cost based on the volume of doors that are ordered. The installers in our network are skilled professionals who are serious about providing customers with maximum security.

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Your Tansor metal door questions answered

Are metal doors harder to install than wooden ones?

They're not harder, just different. Wooden doors can be trimmed and sanded to fit an existing door frame. When installing metal doors, the door frame has to be sanded and trimmed to fit the door.

What are metal doors made of?

Metal doors are almost always made of lightweight steel with that is treated with a primer coat so that buyers can paint the door whatever colour is needed.

How much does it cost to have metal doors installed professionally?

Metal doors will be slightly more expensive because they can be tricky to install. Rather than sanding or planning the door to fit the frame, like you can with a wooden door, you would need to modify the frame to fit the door.

Will metal doors last longer than ones made of wood?

If cared for properly, yes. Metal doors are not prone to warping or splintering like wooden doors are. As long as the weatherproof coating is maintained, a metal door can easily last twice as long as it's wooden counterpart.

Will Tansor metal doors hold cold air in during the winter?

The amount of cold air your door holds should be minimal, as modern steel doors are very well insulated. If this is a concern, you may choose a wooden door with a steel core rather than one made from solid metal.

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