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greenhouses Tansor

Greenhouses Tansor

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Those who are interested in growing their own fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers may want to consider buying Tansor greenhouses. Consumers can choose from a variety of sizes and styles, making them ideal for commercial or residential use. There are plenty of health benefits that can be enjoyed from growing fresh produce and those who grow and sell their own products also contribute greatly to the local economy.

Why Greenhouses?

Greenhouses have long been recognized as the perfect solution for those who would like to grow plants year round. In keeping with this idea, lots of garden centres offer do-it-yourself greenhouse kits. These kits are normally ideal for beginning growers or those who have a limited amount of space to devote to a greenhouse. Those who plan to make growing a commercial enterprise may want to have one specially-designed for them instead.

Benefits of Greenhouses

While the cost of Tansor greenhouses can initially be somewhat expensive, the building could pay for itself over time by helping people save on the cost of groceries. There are also a number of other benefits including:

  • Allows people to enjoy their gardening hobby year round
  • Can grow starter plants to use rather than buying from a nursery
  • Adds value to your property
  • Excellent way to teach children about nature
  • Provides the ability to enjoy fresh flowers year round
  • Eliminates worry about pesticides being added to food
  • Makes fresh fruits and vegetables available at any time
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Types of Greenhouses

Tansor greenhouses can be free-standing units or they could be added to an existing structure as a lean-to. These buildings can be permanent structures or collapsible ones that can be moved from one location to another. They can be constructed of steel, aluminium, wood or vinyl frames and have Plexiglas, glass, or vinyl sides and roofs. Greenhouse roofs can be anywhere from eight to eighteen feet high, so they can even be used to grow small trees.

In addition to the different styles that are available, lots of different features can be added as well. A few of the features that can be chosen for greenhouses Tansor include:

  1. Heating
  2. Humidity detector
  3. Light metres which measure the amount of light plants are receiving
  4. Heated mats for starting seeds
  5. Misting or watering systems
  6. Remote electronic monitoring which allows heat and humidity levels to be adjusted from another location
  7. Automatic venting systems which open and close as need be to allow good airflow

Tansor Greenhouse Costs

One of the biggest factors that affect cost is the type of features added to greenhouses, Tansor consumers can also expect the cost to be influenced by things such as:

  1. Size of the unit
  2. Type of material it is constructed from
  3. Whether or not it is attached to another building
  4. Building codes in the local area
  5. Whether or not the structure contains electricity
  6. Features of the greenhouse
  7. Whether the ground must be flattened, trees cut, etc.
  8. Shape and height of the roof
  9. Type of interior shelves and benches required

When choosing greenhouses Tansor, a home improvement or garden centre can be a good place to visit for inspiration should you require a simple setup. However if you're planning a more substantial installation, or need a custom designed greenhouse then our free quote service can help you to save. Getting the ideal setup for your needs is simple with our free service.

Your Tansor greenhouse questions answered

Do I need a permit to build a greenhouse?

Generally speaking, most structures that are less than 120 square feet do not require a building permit; however, each municipality is different so it is best to enquire with the authorities in your jurisdiction first.

How do I prepare a space for a new greenhouse?

Clear away all the vegetation and sod in the area where the greenhouse will go. You'll have to dig out a few inches of dirt in order to create level ground. Professional footings can be installed by a contractor if you would prefer.

Are greenhouses expensive to install?

Your cost will depend on the size greenhouse you require as well as the cost of materials that are needed to build it to specification.

What can be grown in my new greenhouse?

Many plants have the ability to thrive in greenhouses, especially edibles. Greenhouses simply extend your growing season so you can enjoy your plants and produce for longer.

What are some ideal features for portable greenhouses?

Look for greenhouses with a reinforced polyethylene cover that can easily be folded up and stored away. The greenhouse should also contain sections that snap together without tools.

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